Thursday, December 20, 2012


I grew up in western Oregon, which is essentially a temperate rainforest and a wet cold. When I was a teenager we moved to eastern Washington, which is a high desert and a dry cold. In my early twenties my family moved to Utah, which is a higher desert and a drier, colder cold. Since I was a child I have had an electric blanket on my bed. I would turn it on while I was brushing my teeth and doing other getting-ready-for-bed activities so by the time I got in bed it was nice and warm. I like getting into a warm bed. It makes me happy. Getting into a cold bed kind of makes me cranky. Getting out of a warm bed into a cold room makes me really cranky, but there's more going on there than just cold. There's also getting up, which is not my favorite way to start the day. Basically, cold and sleep do not go together for me. Then I got married.

Matthew LOVES getting into a cold bed. It is a disorder. However, as newlyweds, we took advantage of it. Our first apartment had cinderblock walls and the wooden ceiling was the just the underbelly of the roof. The place was built before the word 'insulation' had its own place in the dictionary. I brought my double bed to the marriage, but not my electric blanket, and Matthew had a barnacle attached to him all night, usually before he even finished lying down. It was fun.

It is now seventeen-and-a-half years later. I still do not have an electric blanket on my bed. But I do have an electric floor. When the bathroom had to be remodeled a few years back, Matthew really REALLY wanted a tile floor. This was a source of conflict. Equally as much as I hate getting out of a warm bed into a cold room, I HATE cold feet. It takes forever for my feet to warm up, and a tile floor in my bathroom in Utah is pretty much guaranteed to leave me with cold feet. ALL. DAY. So Matthew got a coil heater to put under the tile. Because he is the best husband ever and I love him.

The last time I looked at the temperature, it was 14 degrees outside. That is too-freakin'-cold. I am tired, so even though I should be making/wrapping Christmas presents, I am going to bed. A cold bed, because Matthew is playing Arkham Asylum. Nobody for me to barnacle onto. My bathroom floor is a toasty 90 degrees. I am SO tempted to sleep in the bathroom tonight.

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  1. You're upstairs shivering in bed, and your "husband" is downstairs playing a video game?! What the heck?! That guy's a moron. Slap him around until he starts snuggling up next to you to keep you warm.
    Or until those 90° Utah summer nights, when you flee across the bed from him and threaten bodily harm if he touches you at night.
    And for the record, it was Arkham City.
    Love you! :)